Volume 60, Issue 4

CONTENTS  ( PDF[18743 KB] )
COVER  ( PDF[18743 KB] )
Woodland Mediterranean birds can resist a dry extreme cold wave  ( PDF[181 KB] )
Spring peepers Pseudacris crucifer modify their call structure in response to noise  ( PDF[286 KB] )
Dalal E. L. HANNA, David R. WILSON, Gabriel BLOUIN-DEMERS, Daniel J. MENNILL
Hard to fly the nest: A study of body condition and plumage quality in house sparrow fledglings  ( PDF[246 KB] )
Genealogy and phylogeography of Cyprinid fish Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) inferred from ATPase 6 and 8 mitochondrial DNA gene analysis  ( PDF[616 KB] )
Rupesh K. LUHARIYA, Kuldeep K. LAL, Rajeev K. SINGH, Vindhya MOHINDRA, Arti GUPTA, Masih PRACHI, Arvind K. DWIVEDI, Das RAKHI, U. K. CHAUHAN, J. K. JENA
The impact of attractants on pocket gopher trapping  ( PDF[173 KB] )
Special Column: The Role of Behavior in Conservation  ( PDF )
Editor: Ximena J. NELSON,University of Canterbury, Christchurch 8001, New Zealand  ( PDF )
Editorial: Animal Behavior can inform conservation policy, we just need to get on with the job - or can it?  ( PDF[157 KB] )
Conservation and behavior of Africa’s “Big Five”  ( PDF[116 KB] )
The role of behavior in tern conservation  ( PDF[152 KB] )
Using the movement patterns of reintroduced animals to improve reintroduction success  ( PDF[556 KB] )
How territoriality affects the density of an egg predator: Habitat renovation and reintroduction as a method of conserving two endangered desert spring fish  ( PDF[106 KB] )
What is the sound of fear? Behavioral responses of white-crowned sparrows Zonotrichia leucophrys to synthesized nonlinear acoustic phenomena  ( PDF[168 KB] )
Changes in Philornis infestation behavior threaten Darwin’s finch survival  ( PDF[173 KB] )
Sonia KLEINDORFER, Katharina J. PETERS, Georgina CUSTANCE, Rachael Y. DUDANIEC, Jody A. O’CONNOR
Foraging site recursion by forest elephants Elephas maximus borneensis  ( PDF[506 KB] )